Gourmet Spiced Nuts

For the more fiery palette – Gourmet nuts with a little extra bite!

Perfect with ale, beer or cider or simply by themselves as a satisfying and flavoursome snack.

Our gourmet spiced nuts range from the delightful mild smoky flavours of the Cajun Cashews right up to the intense and fiery Hot Chilli Peanuts (both Gold medal winners). Rather than aiming for crazy hot, the spices we use aim to compliment the original nut flavours, making them fairly accessible to most people, with the exception of the Hot Chilli of course…!

Cajun Cashews – 75g

Roasted Sambal Cashews – 60g

Mexican Mixed Nuts – 75g

Moroccan Spiced Mixed Nuts – 75g

Curry Peanuts – 100g

Mild Chilli Peanuts – 100g

Hot Chilli Peanuts – 100g

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